Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, August 18, Sunday 

Taught in Sunday School morning and afternoon.

A prayer meeting was held in the “preaching” or “Gospel” tent at 7 o’clock this morning. A great number of strangers came from the neighbouring villages to the services this afternoon and evening. In my Church this afternoon the congregation was only 117 instead of the usual 190 or more. Harry Manning, John Harris and F. Horsman and R. Austin were absent from Choir. Some others of my choir had been asked to the “Gospel tent” to lead the singing. Joseph Manning I am told replied that he did not think it consistent to go to Church one part of the day and to a Dissenting place of worship at another.

1878, August 21, Wednesday

Services in the “Bethel” Gospel Tent are being held every morning and evening this week and I am told the “Missioners” intend to remain here for a fortnight. I am told that C.H.Spurgeon is one of the committee of the Mission at least and that Mr Ker one of the preachers out-Spurgeons Spurgeon in the vulgarity of his illustrations of religious truths and the irreverential familiarity with which he speaks of God and Divine things.

1878, August 31, Saturday

Visited Solomon Geydon and talked with him about his experience in the workhouse. He said there were some idiotic paupers in the same room with him who could not talk but they could swear.

1878, September 2, Monday

The “Gospel Tent” was removed today – I learn that the preachers are going to Byfield in Northamptonshire for a few weeks.

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