Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, December 24, Monday 

Mild sunshiny morning. Light fall of snow in afternoon and evening.

Received letter from Mr W S Miller and consequently summoned feoffees for January 14 at 2 pm.

Visited Sylvia Sabin (not at home), William Keene, Joshua Gibbs, Widow Hunt, David Hone, Ezra Green, Mary Weaver, Hannah Wilks, Widow Harris (Colony lane), Hannah Young, Widow Manning, Edward Holland. Thomas Aris, widow Young, Mrs Barton, Mrs Bond, Buckingham (gave 8/9 for balance of rent in advance due from him), Widow Hines, John Padbury, Widow Keene, Joshua Hines, Widow Hathaway, Sarah Gough, Widow Hillman, Haynes Senior, Richard Haynes, Jane Haynes, Widow Robinson. Gave each a parcel of grocery 2/- and sent also to Phoebe Payne and Widow Hancock. Sent also to Job Harris and P Webb. Sally Green not at home.

Volume IV of the diaries ends here, but Leslie Baily transcribed what is presumably a continuation from the missing Volume V, appended here.

Mrs Barton told me that Eliza Lamb was very bitter because she (Mrs Barton) had received 2/6 for her child’s attendance at school.  That it belonged to Sibford Gower people and not to outsiders.  I told her to request Mrs Lamb to attend to her own business and not to trouble herself about mine. When Mrs Lamb first heard about the half crowns she said she was not going up to the School for half a crown.  She never put on her bonnet and shawl for less than five shillings.  But when her child came home and said she had not made sufficient attendances for the 2/6 she became very wrath with her neighbours who had received it.

1877, December 27, Thursday 

A notice in pretty good handwriting was affixed to the barn door adjoining Thomas Holland’s to following effect.  “A public meeting will be held in the Barn belonging to the Bishop Blaize at Burdrop on Saturday evening next at 7 o’clock to consider what steps should be taken in consequence of the illegal use of the Charity Money on the 21st inst.”

It appears to allude to the gift of 2/6 for each child who had attended the 250 days, which was made to those of Little Sibford as well as to those of Sibford Gower.

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