Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, December 2, Sunday 

Holy Communion. 34 communicants. Offertories

Morning 1. 5. 0
Afternoon 1. 5. 0
£ 2. 10. 0

were devoted to S.P.G.

Visited Boys’ Sunday School this afternoon and returned them their club money with 1 shilling added to each.

Attended choir practice this evening and visited Mrs Mawle.

Yesterday I received a parcel of books value £3, granted for use of Village Library by S.P.C.K.

Spoke to Robert Austin about the younger of his two apprentices (a workhouse boy from Shipston Union) who is in a rapid decline and quite unable to earn his living. The doctor can do nothing for him. Austin said he would gladly repay a proportion of premium if the Guardians would cancel his indentures. I promised to make inquiries and help him if I could.

1877, December 4, Tuesday

Called on the Misses Dix and asked them to copy some circular letters convening a meeting about Lending Library for Monday evening next.

1877, December 5, Wednesday

Vestry meeting in school room concerning roads in parish. I attended and took chair. Subsequently wrote a copy of resolutions and forwarded same to Local Highway Board by Mr Henry Hiorns the Waywarden.

Divine Service at 7 pm.

Mr Montagu came to luncheon.

1877, December 6, Thursday 

Visited school. Called on Robert Austin, told him I had written to the chairman of Board of Guardians at Shipston concerning his apprentice William Charles Webb.

Visited Buckingham who is better, but unable to go to work.

1877, December 7, Friday

Sent notice to Charity Commissioners to effect that their requirement with respect to new Feoffment had been complied with. Issued notes and notices calling meeting respecting Lending Library on Monday evening next. Wrote letters to Quakers as well as to church people.

Drove to Brailes.

Dr Routh came this evening, and promised to come to library meeting on Monday evening next. I asked him about Robert Austin’s apprentice. He said he did not think he was likely to get better.

1877, December 8, Saturday

Ezekiel Hancox’s wife called and asked me to baptize her child (18 months old) tomorrow. I said certainly I would gladly do so, and asked her why she had not brought it to be baptized before. She replied that she had not been to church or chapel since some girl told her that I said she could not be in the clothing club and that she was not a church woman. I reminded her that I had been in her house several times since I baptized her last baby and that she had not said a word to me about it. I told her her conduct was very wicked for that her duty was to God. She promised to come to church and send her children to school. She had been brought up to the church and had been confirmed, she said.

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