Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, November 13, Tuesday 

Ordered Poulton to make case for fontlet.

Thomas Aris’s wife of Burdrop and her mother in law wife of old Benjamin Aris came and asked for fresh coal tickets as they had lost theirs. I told them that if it turned out that through this carelessness some one else had taken their coals they would have to be the losers; the charity would not. I gave them new tickets quite with that understanding.

Ezra Hillman called to thank me for what I had done for him in sending him to Eastbourne and said that he had seen Lord Saye and Sele’s name in the list of governors of Brompton Hospital. I therefore wrote to him asking him if he could give me an in-patient’s letter and entrusted it to Hillmann to post.

Mr and Mrs Hitchcox and Mr and Mrs Woolgrove and Misses W and M Dix came to tea, etc.

The churchwardens and myself audited the accounts for the year ended easter last. A balance of £6.11 is due to Mr Woolgrove.

1877, November 14, Wednesday 

Visited Mary Weaver and Misses Dix (the latter not at home).

Visited the school. The Visiting officer of the Banbury School Attendance Committee called this morning both on me and at the school. He asked me for a list of inhabitants with number of children. I told him I had not one written out, but could get it done as I knew all the children in the parish.

1877, November 15, Thursday 

Married Jesse Green of Sibford Gower to Lavina Jane Hillman of Shutford.

Visited school. Horsman who is at work putting a few new tiles on the roof shewed me the roof plate which has been drawn out of its place on both sides of the building cracking the plaster inside. Mr Elley thought it had been recently done. As it did not appear to me to be safe I ordered Horsman to get ???? two iron bars to draw the plates back to their places.

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