1877, October 21st, Sunday

Banns of Marriage were put up for first time between John Young of Whichford and Martha Spicer of Sibford. The latter was for some years in the service of Mrs Baker of Brailes.

Posted receipts on church of

  • £3.13.6 to Horton
  • £3.10.0 to Radcliffe

and notice to following effect:

I shall be glad to meet at the school-room on Wednesday evening next October 24 at 7 pm any men and youths who may desire evening instruction during the winter in reading, writing or arithmetic and who are not already attending an evening class.

Taught in Boys’ Sunday School this morning and this afternoon. 22 boys present this afternoon.

Visited Mrs Mawle.

1877, October 22nd, Monday

Mrs West and Mrs Thomas Henry Hone called to pay allotment rent. I told them they should have paid it before, on the proper rent night. Mrs West asked me for a pair of boots for her eldest son, a young man 20 years of age who is gone to work for Daniel Sabin at the Mill. I told her I would ask the feoffees.

Miss Maria Dix called. She said her sister had not commenced night school yet but intended to do so shortly and could take 8 boys. I told her I should prefer to have the men at the school and get the boys taught elsewhere. I told her also that all should pay at least their share of expenses.

Took tea with the Misses Dix this evening. Mr and Mrs and Miss A Smith of Brailes and Mr and Mrs Cooper were there. Mrs Stevens came later in evening. Rosa did not, being unwell.

Sent P Webb £1.4 to pay his doctor’s bill for attendance on his wife.

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