1877, October 10th, Wednesday

Called on Mr Montagu of Epwell this evening, but he was not at home.

Ordered Horsman the mason to rebuild wall at Heath farm and repair roofs of school and master’s house.

1877, October 12th, Friday

Robert Braddell attended examination at Worcester College, Oxford. Came back same night. Walked from Banbury to Sibford and then to Brailes. Tom and he staid there all night.

Ordered a piece of carpet for reading desk platform in church from Jones & Willis of Temple Lane, Birmingham.

1877, October 13th, Saturday

Rent night for Heath allotments. Men gave 2/2 towards hospital fund.

James Sabin has left Sibford, but has not paid his allotment rent.

Joseph Hone of the cottage near Heath Farm applied for an allotment, but as he has one at Epwell, I told him I did not think I could let him have one even if there were one vacant which there is not.

Frederick Horsman succeeds John Harris junior in quarter acre allotment. While the latter takes 2 acre piece lately held by Robert Austin.

Sent 3½ guineas to Horton Infirmary from offertories.

Robert Braddell left to take up residence at Oxford. Thomas Braddell accompanied him.

1877, October 14th, Sunday

Sibford Wake, being Sunday after Old Michaelmas Day.

Catechised children in church this afternoon. Taught in Boys’ Sunday School both morning and afternoon.

Visited Widow Cakebread and the Misses Dix.

Met Holland senior this morning and talked with him for some time. He tells me that in former years many men left without paying their allotment rents.

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