Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, September 23, Sunday

Visited Mrs Cakebread. Her daughter Mrs Geydon was there. She said her boys were very bad scholars as they had not been kept at school. She thought that when they came here they would find a night school which they could attend.

I taught in Boys’ Sunday School this afternoon.

Published Banns of Marriage between John Dumbleton, the “Millers” man at Temple Mill, and Eliza Mobbs, Mr Richard Lamb’s servant.

Attended choir practice this evening. The men present were Haines, Manning, Horsman and Harris. The boys were Tay and John Manning.

Told Mr Elley that I thought he would not be able to hold school this week, as the harvest was not gathered in.

Some of my parishioners, especially Misses M and S Dix, would like the Harvest Thanksgiving Service on a week-night. Mrs and Miss Mawle and Mr Woolgrove think it is better to have it as has always been on Sunday. The services have been so hearty and the collection so good on Sunday that I feel unwilling to make any alteration lest harm should accrue.

Visited Mrs Mawle and conversed with David Hone and his wife for some time at their door.

Sent sherry yesterday and whiskey today to to my servant Percival Webb’s wife who has been ill the past 5 or 6 days and under the doctor’s care.

1877, September 24, Monday 

Drove to Hook Norton this morning to get beef for beef tea for Mrs P Webb. Visited her this afternoon.

Visited Mrs Hillman and Mr W Fox.

1877, September 25, Tuesday 

Fred Horsman called and asked to be allowed to have the quarter acre allotment at the Heath which John Harris junior will give up this Michaelmas. I told him that I would let him have it if I could but he would have to pay the rent in advance which he readily agreed.

The school opened yesterday morning with only 12 children the harvest not being finished. Mrs Elley sent them back again as previously arranged with me.

1877, September 26, Wednesday

Visited Mrs Mawle. Mrs Joshua Dix has left her old house and gone to live with Mrs Shelswell.

Miss Somerton has taken the house and William Payne and his wife from the Colony are to reside in it with her.

Miss Maria Dix came to supper this evening.

1877, September 27, Thursday

Martha Spicer who is a niece of Thomas Wilks and has been in service with Mrs Baker of Brailes 8 years but has recently left, is residing at Wilks’s for the present. Mrs Smith of Brailes said she would suit us very well as Cook, but on sending for and speaking to her this morning I find she is about to be married.

Visited Mr Webb (better).

Sent Mr Kinch, Solicitor of Deddington, Certificate of burial of Mrs Sarah Gibbs in January last.

Wrote to Rebecca Hussey’s Book Charity and S.P.C.K. about books for Library.

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