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1877, August 22nd, Wednesday


  • James Sabin, ill
  • Elizabeth Gibbs, better
  • Joshua Lines’s wife, worse
  • Mr Pettipher senior, dropsy
  • Hannah Keene, better.

1877, August 24th, Friday

St Bartholomew. Morning Prayer, Litany and Ante Communion.

Mrs Inns was churched.

Visited Widow Cakebread, Joseph Dale – Ill, Elizabeth Gibbs.

1877, August 25th, Saturday

Elizabeth Gibbs’s daughter Mrs Padbury came this afternoon and asked me to go and see her mother as she thought she could not live. I went across and conversed and read and prayed with her.

1877, August 26th, Sunday

Taught Boys’ Sunday School this morning.

Visited Buckingham – well and was at work from middle of week.


  • Widow Keene, better
  • Joshua Lines’s wife, a little better
  • Misses Dix who told me that the Buckinghams sent their children begging all over the place although Mrs Norris of Swalcliffe sent up to them almost every day.

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