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1877, August 14th, Tuesday

Harry went with Annie S to Bridlington.

Visited Tilpah Rymell, Joshua Lines’s wife, John Holtom’s wife, John and Job Padbury, Samuel Lines (not at home), Richard Haines (not at home)

Widow Hillman and her son Ezra, Widow Keen and found her suffering from acute rheumatism; called on Doctor Clebbert(?) (Routh’s deputy) who said he would go and see her this evening.

Visited Widow Hathaway and her son. Visited Gough. Visited Buckingham and found him down stairs improving rapidly.

Visited Job Harris, Eli Webb, Tailor Hall, Mr Joseph Dix.

1877, August 15th, Wednesday

Drove to Banbury to bring Mr Brown out.

Stephen Hands sent one of his children down to say that the boiler of the new Kitchener was broken and that the masons must have done it in putting it in. I said I would speak to Horsman, but I thought it was broken by putting water in when it was very hot.

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