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1877, August 5th, Sunday

Holy Communion 29 present. Offertories for fontlet etc £1.3.1.

Visited Mrs Dix. Did not see her husband as he was sleepy.

Visited Buckingam of Sibford Ferris. He is a little better.

1877, August 7th, Tuesday

Visited Buckingham, Daniel Sabin, Temple Mill, wife of Joshua Lines who was confined last week of 8th child in 9 years. Daniel Sabin’s wife had twins last week.

1877, August 10th, Friday

Miss E Dix called this morning about Sunday School prizes and to ask whether mothers might bring babies to tea this afternoon. I said they might, Mrs Stevens would be glad to see the babies.

Gave treat in school room and afterwards on my lawn to the Sunday School children and their mothers.

Prizes for attendance and conduct were awarded as follows:


Girls’ School


  1st class  
1st prize Eliza Harris 59
2nd prize Emma Webb 59
3rd prize M A Barton 52
  2nd class  
1st prize Mary Webb 58
2nd prize Laura Webb 57
  3rd class  
1st prize Anna Lines 55
2nd prize Eliza Hancock 48
  Boys’ School  
  1st class  
1st prize Harry Coleman  
2nd prize Harry Manning  
  2nd class  
1st prize Joseph Payne  
2nd prize John Tay  
  3rd class  
1st prize William Sabin  

There were 6 nice coloured pictures, framed and glazed, and 6 books.

Farmers, etc were invited to tea and open evening at Vicarage. The following were present:

  • Mr and Mrs Woolgrove
  • Mr and Mrs Turner
  • Mr and Mrs Hiorns
  • Mr and Mrs F Manning
  • Mr Herbert
  • Mr O Shelsworth
  • Sally Fox
  • 3 Misses Dix
  • Miss Mawle
  • Mrs Way
  • Marion Way
  • Mr and Mrs Elley
  • Mrs Pettipher
  • Mr Joseph Pettipher junior
  • Mr Coles
  • Miss Rimell (?James?)
  • Miss Annie Smith (Brailes)
  • Mr Bradshaw (Chippenham)
  • Mrs G Martin
  • Miss A Martin
  • Mr Harry Stevens
  • Miss Rosa Stevens
  • Mrs Stevens
  • Mrs Mawle’s granddaughter.

All others were invited but could not come.

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