Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Thursday, 2nd August, 1877 

Spent the morning at the Heath Farm giving instructions to the masons and carpenters as to the work.

Visited the Misses Dix and Elizabeth Gibbs who was much pleased to hear I had seen her daughter.

Funeral of Sydney Bond’s baby.

Friday, 3rd August, 1877 


  • Mr Routh surgeon
  • John Buckingham who is ill with pleurisy, 3/-.
  • Also Widow Hillman, wine.
  • John Padbury, 1/-
  • Richard Scruby, wine.

Mrs Liddiat (wife of a clerk to Mr Aplin, solicitor of Banbury) who has been afflicted with religious mania for past 18 months and during 2 or 3 has been staying with Mrs Elley at school house as patient of Mr Routh’s called this evening. I had a long talk with he. She is going home to her husband and family tomorrow.

Brailes Flower Show and Bazaar.

Harry came home July 30 accompanied by Mr Bradshaw, organist, of Chippenham.

Misses Geneva and Annie Martin came on visit July 31st.

Saturday, 4th August, 1877

J Horsman called. Paid him for masons’ work at farm where they have finished up.

Paid Aplin, solicitor Banbury account for slates etc for repairs at Heath Farm, due to Davis brothers of Banbury, bankrupts.

Sunday, 5th August, 1877 

Holy Communion 29 present. Offertories for fontlet etc £1.3.1.

Visited Mrs Dix. Did not see her husband as he was sleepy.

Visited Buckingam of Sibford Ferris. He is a little better.

Tuesday, 7th August, 1877

Visited Buckingham, Daniel Sabin, Temple Mill, wife of Joshua Lines who was confined last week of 8th child in 9 years. Daniel Sabin’s wife had twins last week.

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