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1877, July 5th, Thursday

Ezra Green’s wife sent for some more wine which I gave her.

Miss Mawle called, accompanied by Miss ?Finch? and paid me 10/- being Mr Hitchcock’s of Horley subscription towards the Sunday School treat.

1877, July 7th, Saturday

James Barnes called this morning, being well enough to get out. Gave him Certificate of Baptism of his nephew Thomas Henry Stock 1843.

1877, July 8th, Sunday

James Barnes was able to resume his duty today.

Visited Mrs Shelswell and her daughter Marion. Also Sally Green to whom I recently gave some flannel for a petticoat. Also Widow Cakebread who being upstairs, and no-one else there, I did not see.

Administered H.C. to Mr Joseph Dix and Mrs Dix at their house. Miss S Dix also communicated.

Visited C. Inns who has been laid up for the week with rheumatic gout, but is now better and able to get about.

Visited Mr W Fox and the Misses Dix.

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