Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, June 10, Sunday 

Visited Boys’ School morning and afternoon.


  • Hands, who was getting his dinner in the room in which the uncoffined corpse of his wife lay.
  • Widow Cakebread.
  • Mrs Shelswell, with whom and her patient Miss Smith, I took tea.
  • Dr Routh, with whom I took supper.
  • Michael Woolgrove with whom I had a long conversation.

1877, June 11, Monday

St Barnabas. Service at 9½. Went to Worthen on a visit to Mr and Mrs Lee, having made arrangements with Mr Harvey, curate of Hook Norton to bury Mrs Hands’ remains tomorrow at 6 pm.

1877, June 16, Saturday

Returned from Worthen. James Barnes, my clerk, was taken ill whilst digging a grave in the churchyard last Monday and has not been able to do anything since.

1877, June 17, Sunday

Banns of Marriage of Fox and Webb are out today. Banns of Sydney Bond and Eliza Green were put up.

Intensely hot weather.

Service in evening at 6.30. A very good number of men. Morning congregation not so good, only 101 beside children being present.

Visited Mrs W Fox who has been  unwell ever since Club day.

Widow Cakebread.

Miss Dix (not at home). Charles Hands has asked her to collect money and pay the expenses of burying his late wife. I told Miss S. Dix that I thought it would be only encouraging his laziness. He ought to go to work like other men, and he might put by a little every week to pay for the coffin, etc.

Visited James Barnes but did not see him. Talked with his wife, daughter and son Charles.

Visited Mr and Mrs Ellis.

Talked with Joshua Aris’s wife who said her husband was too ill to work four or five days last week.

1877, June 18, Monday 

John Horsman called. Paid him £7 odd for labour at farm. The masons’ work is now completed. He told me that an old man named Lines died at Sibford Ferris last Saturday. He had been living at Tysoe for 30 years till within the last few weeks. He was over 80 years of age. This is the first I have ever heard of him.

Charles Barnes called and asked whether I could marry Fox and Webb on Wednesday next at 11 am. I said I could.

1877, June 19, Tuesday 

Visited Heath Farm. Stephen Hands not at home. Examined work done by masons. It appears to be satisfactory. Some slates etc which remained over the numbers I ordered were brought there to be taken care of. There are about 10 slates and 2 ridge tiles with about half a bushel of lime. Spoke to Poulton about the carpenters’ work. They have had to leave it but will resume tomorrow or Wednesday. Gave strict orders that nothing was to be done beyond what had been pointed out and that nothing was to be done inside the house without special instructions.

“tomorrow or Wednesday” is an odd phrase, since tomorrow is Wednesday.

1877, June 20, Wednesday 

Married Frederick George Fox and Sarah Anne(?) Webb this morning. Charles Barnes acted as clerk in place of his father.

Visited school and taught.

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