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1877, June 5th, Tuesday

Visited Widow Cakebread.

The Club officers and others had luncheon in classroom on remains of yesterday’s feast. W. Kaye, J. Manning, W. Keene, Michael Woolgrove, Joseph Alcock and others were present. I repeated what I said yesterday about the drinking and disorder. All the men I have spoken to who as a rule behaved extremely well are very much disgusted at the disgrace brought upon the club.

1877, June 6th, Wednesday

Spent nearly all the morning at the Heath farm, inspecting repairs that have been done and giving orders for others.

1877, June 7th, Thursday

Mrs Charles Hands died about 3 pm, having been bedridden many years.

Visited Elizabeth Gibbs, Geydon, at the Farm at the Cross. Lewis Poulton, not at home., Mrs Innes, Mrs Austin, Widow Cakebread, Mrs Thomas Coleman, Mrs Barton and the school. Paid Mrs Coleman 4/- for attending to the late Mrs Hands.

Lent cricket bats etc for boys to play in the evenings to get them out of the streets and keep them from mischief. Called on Mr Hiorns; he was not at home, but Mrs Hiorns gave permission for them to play on their dairy ground.

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