Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, May 21, Monday 

Whit Monday. Divine Service at 10am.

Visited Mrs Hands. Visited Mrs Coleman junior. gave her 4/- for attending to Mrs Hands – last week and this.

Visited Mrs Barton, Mrs Charles Lines. The Misses Lamb who gave me 5/- towards the library fund.

Had conversation with Ezra Green who is working again for Mr W Fox.

Had conversation with Mr W Fox, who told me that his father was Master of Williamscot School in Cropredy parish for 29 years.

1877, May 23, Wednesday

Visited Charles Barnes and his wife.

Also Mrs J Holtom to whom I sent some wine.

Also Joshua Lines’s house. Both he and his wife were at field. Gave the children at home some pence.

Called at Josiah Woolgrove’s – no one at home. Gave Mrs Harris some wine for his wife who, he says, is not so well.

Visited John Padbury; gave him 1/- to get something for himself and Job.

Visited the Goughs and Widow Hathaway. Gave 1/- each.

Also Horsman, not at home, and Widow Cakebread, who has taken to her bed again.

Visited Mr and Mrs Hitchcox this evening with Mrs Stevens. Mr H says he and the other farmers have refused to pay any subscription to the Club this year and refused to go to the dinner. I endeavoured to induce him to reconsider his decision but without avail. He said that the men had behaved so badly they ought to be punished – but that they would resume their portion as honorary members next year if they behaved better. I said the men were not all bad, and that I should go, as an unpleasant duty and do what good I can.

1877, May 24, Thursday 

Went to Harbury with Mr Smith of Brailes and other members of the North Warwickshire Society. Visited the churches at Chesterton, Harbury, Southam, Ladbroke and Long Itchington.

Met Fox and his son, late of Blenheim (labourers) at Harbury Road Station. They have a little better pay where they are employed now, but have longer hours and heavier work. The son told me he had been able to get to church only once since he left Sibford.

1877, May 25, Friday

Visited Mr Hirons, Mr Fred Manning and old Mr Rimell.

Mr Herbert called and asked leave to cut some larch for mounds at the heath. Arranged with him that I am to have the entire use of my orchard.

“Hirons” a mis-spelling of “Hiorns”?

1877, May 26, Saturday

W Wilks, farmer, of Winderton, brother of Mrs Thomas Manning and Mrs Fardon and aunt to Mrs W Fox and Mrs Turner was buried at Brailes.

Yes, “brother … and aunt” doesn’t make sense, but it’s hard to read it any other way. Can you do better? Let us know.

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