Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, April 20, Friday 

Visited school. Went over Little Sibford allotments. Conversed with Samuel Woolgrove there. Richard Scruby, although one of the stewards, appears to farm badly and has been digging up the pathway between his own and the adjoining piece which belongs to Edward Scruby.

Visited Sally Green who has removed to a cottage adjoining Ann Fox’s.

1877, April 21, Saturday 

Returned form to Charity Commissioners calling their attention to the fact that they had wrongly described Sibford Gower as being in the parish of Swalcliffe. They had asked me to forward them the last feoffment deed or a copy of it for inspection. I could not find it in the chest and therefore wrote to Mr Miller saying that possibly the solicitor in Banbury who prepared the lease of the farm had it. If so, Mr Miller must have sent it to him and in that case I asked Mr Miller to request the solicitor to forward it to me.

1877, April 22, Sunday


  • Mrs Hands
  • Mr Sabin and wife, better
  • Mrs Herbert, much the same
  • Mr Ellis, very weak
  • Widow Cakebread, whom I found downstairs enjoying her tea by the fire-side
  • Mr Joseph Dix
  • Misses E and S Dix
  • George Payne’s wife
  • William Keene, who has lost a good deal of blood during the past week.

Lewis Poulton’s banns “out”.

1877, April 25, Wednesday

St Mark’s day. Divine Service at 10am. Visited school.

Meeting of Benefit Club took place in schoolroom this evening. It was said that Joseph Manning would resign the secretaryship but he told me afterwards that he hadn’t done so, but that it had been decided not to have the band next “club-day”.

1877, April 26, Thursday

Lewis Poulton called this evening for Certificate of publication of Banns. He is to be married on Monday next at Cropredy.

1877, April 27, Friday

Gave Harry Manning prize book sent by Rev A Short, ruridecanal Inspector. It was 1st prize. I gave books to the following whom he commended: Marion Harris 2nd prize, Marianne Lines 3rd prize, John ?Tay? 4th prize.

Attended rehearsal for Choral festival at Swalcliffe this evening. About 80 singers were present. Took tea with Mr Payne afterwards. He knows nothing of the whereabouts of the last deed of feoffment.

Consulting him about the mason who he employed on the work at the farm he agrees with me that Horsman should have it.

1877, April 28, Saturday 

Mrs Gibbs sent for some wine. I gave her some, but as she had had a supply only a day or two before I sent word that she must send a paper from the doctor next time. Mrs Cakebread also sent for wine which I gave her.

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