Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, March 24, Saturday 

Visited Mr Payne. He paid me the Loggin money Sibford Gower, Burdrop, Sibford Ferris, also £2.1 referring dividend for Church. He knows nothing of the Award and does not remember the circumstance told me by F. Manning.

1877, March 25, Sunday

Visited Hands. He has not secured the services of anyone to attend to his wife.

Visited Widow Cakebread, Mrs Joseph Dix. Mentioning quite incidentally the “Award” to James Barnes, my clerk and saying I supposed he had never seen it, he said he thought he had, and on further thought and enquiry he brought it to me from his house, saying Mr Bourchier gave it to him some years ago to take care of and he had almost forgotten that he had, as no one had asked him for it.

Preached at Brailes this evening for Mr Smith who was unwell.

1877, March 26, Monday 

Divine Service at 10 a.m.

L. Poulton called and told me that the barn at the Heath Farm measured 68ft by 20½ that the part which was down measured about 23 feet.

The whole roof is about 20 squares i.e. 2000 sq.ft.

3400 slates would be required for the whole; or 11000 tiles. The cost of roofing the whole would be about £100.

Administered Holy Communion to Widow Cakebread. Miss S. Dix and Rosa, and Mrs Lovell (Widow Cakebread’s daughter) also communicated.

Visited School.

1877, March 27, Tuesday

Divine Service 10 a.m. Rev. C. F. Wyatt, a Feoffee, died. Went to Banbury and paid Clothing Account for Charity also books accounts.

Eliza Lamb’s bastard died.

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