Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, December 6, Sunday

Funeral of labouring man named Hone, the first I have had in Sibford. There was a very high wind with rain so that I could stand in the church yard only with difficulty. I had a very dark drive back to Banbury this evening. John Harris junior a postman of a district the other side of Banbury was with me. His parents are tenants of my cottage, and as he walks out to see them on Sunday mornings he is glad to get a “lift” on returning.

1874, December 10, Thursday 

Received from Miss Ackerley, Sefton House, West Derby, Liverpool, £1/2 for examining her pupils’ exercises. Returned from Sibford by 4.45 train from Banbury. Leonard came to dinner. Stock of Pembroke, Mack, the Cingalese of Exeter, and Frank Coghlan, of Balliol were invited but could not come. Hughes came this evening.

1874, December 13, Sunday

Took first Baptism at Sibford, George Spicer, age 2 days, died this afternoon.

I called on Hughes at Jesus College this evening.

1874, December 16, Wednesday

Great fire in St. Aldate’s early this morning. Went to Sibford. Very small congregation this evening owing to the snow.

1874, December 17, Thursday

Visited William Mannings’ wife. She purposes going to Horton Infirmary on Monday. Met Canon Payne. Visited Miss Dix. Returned to Oxford. Mr and Mrs Wilson and Fred came this evening, also Miss Harbage and Herbert Jackson.

1874, December 25, Friday 

Christmas day. Went to Sibford this morning. Took Harry. Passed through yesterday’s wreck, a sad sight. Returned at night.

1874, December 26, Saturday

Went to Sibford, taking Chester with me to bring horse back to Banbury. I staid at Sibford for meeting of Charity Trustees on Tuesday.

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