Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, November 4, Wednesday 

Went to Sibford. Took Rosa. Churchwardens met me by appointment at the School house. Mr Bruton, Diocesan Surveyor came whilst I was there. Went over Glebe etc with Mr Hitchcox, Vicar’s Warden, and Mr Herbert, Glebe-tenant. Called on Mr Mawle, Misses Dix, Mr Fox, Mr Turner and other parishioners. Mr Woolgrove paid me £3.3 collected in Church for the Radcliffe Infirmary.

1874, November 7, Saturday

Went to Sibford. Received from Ecclesiastical Commissioners £13.7.9 and from Mr Hitchcox (balance of sequestration) £17.5.6. Fraser went home till Monday. I had to wait two hours in Banbury for horse and dog-cart.

1874, November 8, Sunday 

Called on Hughes at Jesus, after my return from Oxford, but he was not in.

Received first proof of “Hecuba” from Butler and Tanner.

Hecuba is a title in Stevens and Hughes’s “Analytical Classical Series” (see 26 March 1874).

1874, November 10, Tuesday

Mr Mack, from Ceylon, a pupil of Cull’s called yesterday. Sent proof of Hecuba to Hughes. Cheque to Davenport, Registrar and Secretary to Bishop for Institution fees including the very modest sum of a guinea for Stationery! £6.0.6.

1874, November 13, Friday

Bell and I called to see Miss Heath who is ill. Received GLB account from Longmans. The dividend this year is small. But the stock in hand is 126,488 as against 53,300 last account.

1874, November 14, Saturday

Mr Fraser went to London. Returned this evening. Braddell and de Teissier had leave to go up the river for the day. Went to Sibford. Met Mr Bourchier at the Railway Station.

1874, November 21, Saturday

To Sibford. Paid old John Harris for work in garden at Vicarage during vacancy, £4.14.5. Received rent of cottage from him £1.11.1 and for potatoes which he had sold 5/1.

1874, November 22, Sunday

Talked with Mr Hitchcox about new lamps for the church. The old moderators are useless. Also spoke about the timber belonging to Poulton carpenter, which encumbers the grass land in front of the church. Hitchcox said he would speak to the surveyor about it. He is way warden.

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