Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, October 17, Saturday 

Went to Mongewell Park this Monday on the invitation of Mr and Mrs Fraser. John C Fraser and de Teissier accompanied me. Mr Johns and his son Wilfred called just as we were leaving.

1874, October 18, Sunday

Mrs Fraser, in carriage and pair, drove John , myself and de Teissier to Dorchester where she (a Belgian lady) attended the Roman Catholic Chapel. We went to the Abbey Church.

In the evening we went to St Mary’s, Abingdon.

1874, October 19, Monday 

I returned from Mongewell to Oxford, via Didcot to which I was driven by Mr Fraser’s coachman in a dog-cart. John Fraser and Georges de Teissier remained behind till Tuesday.

Hawker Hughes came to dinner this evening.

1874, October 21, Wednesday

Went to Sibford. Thomas Braddell accompanied me. Called on Mr Montagu Payne, locum tenens, who lodges at the school-house. He accompanied to call on Mr Hitchcox and Mr Woolgrove, churchwardens, and Mr Mawle, one of the Trustees of the Charity Estates.

I brought home some apples and walnuts from the Vicarage orchard.

1874, October 24, Saturday

My birthday, age 42. Thomas Braddell went to Mongewell Park on a visit to Mr Fraser. Called at New College this evening to see Mr Lee, but he was in chapel.

Got address of College lawyer, W C Lawrence, Cirencester.

Went to Banbury (for Sibford) and put up at the “White Lion”.

1874, October 25, Sunday 

Drove over to Sibford this morning, and took the duty in Church for the first time, having told Mr Payne that I should not require his services after last Sunday.

1874, October 26, Monday

J Braddell returned from Mongewell, bringing notes from Mr Fraser Senior and Fraser Junior saying that the latter wishes to stay at home with his brother and sister for the week. I replied.

1874, October 27, Tuesday

Received “Instrument of Presentation” to Sibford Vicarage from Mr Lawrence of Cirencester, through Mr Lee. The Bill, including stamp is £7.10. Called on Mr Lee at the Bursary, also at his house, where I saw Mrs Lee.

1874, October 31, Saturday

Went to Sibford. Hired horse and dog-cart from Chester, where I put up at Vicarage Stable. Pay 6/- on each occasion for horse and trap.

1874, November 1, Sunday 

Read my self in at Sibford and celebrated Holy Communion. Drove back to Banbury in evening and reached home at about 8. I slept at School house where Mrs Elley got me tea etc etc and made me very comfortable.

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