Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, September 25, Friday

Left Ryde by steamer. Took Bell and Rosa to Southampton where we went on board the “Asiatic” to bid Mr and Mrs Hole and family farewell on their departure for Cape Town. We spent the afternoon with them on board, and steamed down Southampton water with them. We returned by mail boat and lost sight of them about 3.30 pm. Bell and Rosa returned to Ryde. I returned to Oxford.

1874, October 4, Sunday

Mrs Martin of Sandford died. Went to Sandford. Preached this afternoon. Mr Lee said he was delighted to see me.

1874, October 5, Monday 

Monsieur Georges de Teissier of Rue San Lazare, Paris, came as pupil, introduced by Chevallier Bui, French Professor.

Should be Rue Saint-Lazare. Possibly Buè rather than Bui.

1874, October 8, Thursday

Mrs Martin was buried at Sandford this afternoon. Lee took the office but quite broke down in the middle of it. I was present but not robed.

1874, October 10, Saturday

Mr Macduff Assistant Surgeon at the Asylum called. I walked part of the way to Littlemore with him on his return.

1874, October 11, Sunday

I took duty morning and afternoon for Mr Holland; Rector who is ill. Taylor Taswell drove home with me and dined.

1874, October 12, Monday

I sent Fraser to Mr Wilson to examine and report as to his fitness for Responsions with a view to his matriculation at Christ Church. I paid Mr W a guinea for his assistance.

1874, October 14, Wednesday

Mr Wilson reports that Mr Fraser is not ready for matriculation. Hawker Hughes returned to Oxford for the term. I called on him this evening. College meeting at New.

1874, October 15, Thursday 

Entries on these two pages are mistakenly dated September rather than October.

Received a letter from the warden of New College telling me that the College appointed me to the Vicarage of Sibford yesterday. Mr Bourchier, lately Vicar of Sibford called this morning and asked me to see him in College this evening. When I went I had great difficulty in finding him. Having accomplished this — he was with Dickins in an undergrad’s rooms, he seemed to have nothing to say except a platitude about “those few sheep in the wilderness” etc and, I thought, treated me in as cool and insulting a manner as I ever experienced. Mihi stultissimus magnus videtur.

Mr Smith, Curate of Marston, called this afternoon.

Mihi stultissimus magnus videtur — He seems to me an exceptionally stupid man.


1874, October 17, Saturday

Went to Mongewell Park this Monday on the invitation of Mr and Mrs Fraser. John C Fraser and de Teissier accompanied me. Mr Johns and his son Wilfred called just as we were leaving.

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