Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, August 2, Sunday 

Preached at Blisworth church this evening and afterwards took supper at the Rectory with the family and Mr Hughes. In conversation with the Rector I found that Rev Montagu Payne who is in charge of Sibford and was placed there by Mr Bourchier, was formerly assistant curate of Blisworth where quadam Dominica apparuit in pulpiti cum duobus oculis purpureis quos obtinuerat pugnaus in domo publica. Statui me eum dimissurum esse ea parochia Sibfordiense simulac vicarius facturus sim.

… one Sunday appeared in the pulpit with two black eyes which he had acquired fighting in a public house. I will dismiss him from the Sibford parish as soon as I shall have been made vicar.

1874, August 6, Thursday

Mr Alison came to dinner. He afterwards accompanied me as far as Horspath. Walking on his way to his curacy of Great Milton. I assisted Wingate at Funeral and Evensong and walked home.

1874, August 7, Friday

Mrs Atkinson wife of the Rector of East Hendred, sent her servant to ask me to take services there morning and afternoon next Sunday next which I promised to do.

Sent copy of specimen pages of Alcestis to Butler and Tanner.

1874, August 9, Sunday

Took train to Didcot and then cab to East Hendred where I took morning and afternoon service for Mr Atkinson, the Rector. In the evening I walked back to Didcot, as there was no conveyance to be got. The country is “downy” and bleak.

1874, August 13, Thursday

Accident while driving with J P Howe in his pony cart. We were run into by a luggage cart on Stoke Bridge and had a narrow escape.

1874, August 14, Friday

Aunt Howe and Miss Abbott went to London. I went to Harwich and Dovercourt in steam-boat. Harry returned from Oxford to Rossall. His bill for half year was £39.0.4.

1874, August 16, Sunday

Preached at St Peter’s this morning and read prayers this evening. Took supper with Mr and Mrs White at the Rectory.

1874, August 17, Monday

Left Ipswich for St Botolph’s, Colchester, with Lieutenant Dutton and stayed a day or two with him. Emma remained in Ipswich. J P Howe accompanied us, but returned this evening.

1874, August 19, Wednesday 

I insured my life in the Railway Passengers accidental Death Insurance Co through Lieutenant Dutton and paid £4 premium for the year. I purchased some Japanese handkerchiefs and a circular silvered frame mirror at Colchester.

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