Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Wednesday, 15th July, 1874

Carteret Fletcher called and asked me to preach for him at Carfax next Sunday evening. Thomas Braddell went down for Summer Vacation. Drove to Sandford. Visited patients at Littlemore Asylum. Bell accompanied me. We took tea and supper with Mr and Mrs Sankey.

Thursday, 16th July, 1874

Went on excursion with North Oxford Archaeological Society to Thame, Chinnor, Shirburn Castle and Watlington, where we dined. Drove home through Chalgrove Field and Chiselhampton. We had a couple of drays with 3 or 4 horses each. Coming down Cowley Road into Oxford all the horses in my break went down. Heads and tails hoofs and legs seemed inextricably intermingled. But they soon untangled themselves, jumped up and went on again without the slightest injury. I hurt my heel somewhat in jumping from the carriage. The whole expense of my “day out” was 9/5, viz dinner 3/2, dray 6/3.

Sunday, 19th July, 1874

Preached at the asylum this morning and at Sandford this afternoon. Preached at Carfax for Fletcher this evening and to enable me to do so Lee took my duty (my last) at New College Chapel.

Sunday, 2nd August, 1874

Preached at Blisworth church this evening and afterwards took supper at the Rectory with the family and Mr Hughes. In conversation with the Rector I found that Rev Montagu Payne who is in charge of Sibford and was placed there by Mr Bourchier, was formerly assistant curate of Blisworth where quadam Dominica apparuit in pulpiti cum duobus oculis purpureis quos obtinuerat pugnaus in domo publica. Statui me eum dimissurum esse ea parochia Sibfordiense simulac vicarius facturus sim.

… one Sunday appeared in the pulpit with two black eyes which he had acquired fighting in a public house. I will dismiss him from the Sibford parish as soon as I shall have been made vicar.

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