Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, May 19, Tuesday 

Took duty at New College this afternoon for Macray. Johns went to Matriculation Exam at St John’s College and passed. Drove to Sandford. R. F. Heath accompanied me.

1874, May 21, Thursday

Grand evening party this evening at Rev Carteret J Fletcher’s. Bell and I went, but the place was so intolerably crowded that we stayed only a very short time.

Sent my notice of resignation of Curacy of Sandford to Rev L J Lee.

1874, May 24, Sunday

“High prayers” at New, being Whit Sunday. Mr Lee sang. Preached and read prayers at Sandford this afternoon.

1874, May 25, Monday

Macray took my duty at New this evening. I went to London and North Cheam. Hole met me at Paddington. We went to Mountain’s and dined there before going on to Cheam. Called on Mr Morse, Vicar of St John’s East Dulwich. He was not at home.

1874, May 26, Tuesday

Leonard took my duty at New this morning, Macray in evening. Went to Wallington (drove) with Mr and Mrs Hole. I and Macray are now clear as regards duty at New.

1874, May 27, Wednesday

Called on Thomas Brown at his office: saw his and my old friend Jago there. Visited Royal Academy. Returned to Oxford. Received from Miss Brown, 16 Spring Hill, Birmingham for exam papers £1.1. Leonard took my duty morning and evening. Thus I owe him two services.

1874, May 30, Saturday

Finished duty at New College this morning. Walked to Headington this afternoon with Rev Carteret Fletcher. Called on Leonard at Christ Church this evening. He has hurt his foot rather badly.

1874, May 31, Sunday 

Took duty for Leonard at College all day. Preached and read prayers at Sandford this afternoon.

1874, June 1, Monday

Took duty at College for Leonard this morning. Pulling of Christ Church called. He and I walked to Summertown and back after 9 pm.

1874, June 2, Tuesday

Took duty at New this evening for Leonard, evening. Dined with Carteret Fletcher at Worcester College. Drove to Sandford. Hill of Littlemore Asylum took funeral of Mrs Ashfield for me at 6 pm.

1874, June 3, Wednesday

Received £2.2 from Miss Ackerley, Sefton House, West Derby, Liverpool for examining exercises of her pupils.

1874, June 4, Thursday

Macray called and asked me to take his duty on the 14th at New College. Reserved answer until I could consult Mr Lee. Hewitt called. We went for a walk at night.

1874, June 5, Friday

Johns commenced Responsions. Took duty at College for Leonard this evening. Hughes called this afternoon.

1874, June 6, Saturday

Took duty for Leonard at College this morning and my own turn this evening. Thomas Braddell went home till Monday.

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