Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, March 23, Monday

Called at Jesus College to See Hughes. Adjourned from his rooms to those of Mr Ridgway with Hughes, Ridgway and Rhys.

1874, March 24, Tuesday

Drove to Sandford. Took Bell with me. Called on Mr and Mrs Sankey at the Asylum. Mrs Owen was there.

1874, March 25, Wednesday

Took duty at New College for Macray. Dined at New College. Chapel closed for Morning Service till Saturday April 18th at 7.30am. Mrs Sendall called. Rosa returned from Heywood.

1874, March 29, Sunday

Palm Sunday. At Sandford. Prince Leopold and his private secretary, Mr Collins, attended Divine Service morning and afternoon taking luncheon in our room at school house between services with Mr and Mrs Lee, Miss Whittinck (Collins’s fiancée) and myself. Collins is son of a Berkshire clergyman and first cousin to Mrs Lee. In his late office of tutor to the Prince, he was successor of Canon Duckworth. The prince and his party also attended New College chapel this evening when I took the duty.

1874, March 30, Monday 

Rev Carteret J Fletcher asked me to preach for him next Sunday morning. New College chapel was closed last evening till Saturday April 18 except Easter Eve and Easter Day.

1874, April 3, Friday

Good Friday. I preached this afternoon. Mr Lee read prayers. In afternoon I read prayers. No sermon.

1874, April 5, Sunday

Easter day. I preached at Carfax for Rev C J Fletcher the Rector and assisted him at Celebration. I believe there were some  200 communicants. I took all the duty at Sandford this afternoon.

1874, April 18, Saturday

Mrs Braddell came and brought her elder son Thomas, recommended by Rev Mr Daniel Senior fellow and Bursar of Worcester. Thomas Braddell entered on residence today, at 120 guineas.

1874, April 28, Tuesday

Attended private business meeting at Union this evening when vote of censure on Mr Gould, late President, was proposed, but defeated.

1874, May 4, Monday

Macray undertook my duty at New College and got Leonard to do it for him. Drove to Sandford and took Mr Hill for a drive through Baldon, etc.

1874, May 5, Tuesday

Called on the President of St John’s about Johns’ matriculation. Johns went out at 9.30 this evening and did not return till all had gone to bed. I was out at Jesus College.

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