Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1874, February 18, Wednesday 

Ash Wednesday. Communion and Communication at 8 am. Morning Prayer and Litany at 10. Evening Prayer at 5. No singing all day.

Drove Bell to Sandford this afternoon. Called on Mr Hill who is getting better.

1874, February 28, Saturday

George Foster, and old scotch soldier of the Scotch Church, Chapel Street, came to clean boots etc at 6/- per week. Mr Beasley is Minister of the church.

1874, March 5, Thursday

Bell and I called on Mr Lendall, lately Government Inspector of Education in Ceylon at Mr Cull’s request. Also called on Mr and Mrs Aldridge and Mr and Miss Pope. Took morning duty at College Chapel for Macray.

1874, March 17, Tuesday

Drove to Sandford. Bought following Silverplate of Solomon. 2 salts 8/-, 2 ladles £2.5, 2 table spoons £2.10, 2 others £2.5, cruet £2.15, 2 pickle forks 15/-, Time piece £2.5, 6 teaspoons £2.5.

1874, March 23, Monday

Called at Jesus College to See Hughes. Adjourned from his rooms to those of Mr Ridgway with Hughes, Ridgway and Rhys.

1874, March 24, Tuesday

Drove to Sandford. Took Bell with me. Called on Mr and Mrs Sankey at the Asylum. Mrs Owen was there.

1874, March 25, Wednesday

Took duty at New College for Macray. Dined at New College. Chapel closed for Morning Service till Saturday April 18th at 7.30am. Mrs Sendall called. Rosa returned from Heywood.

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