Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Tuesday, 27th January, 1874

Harry returned to Rossall. Rosa left on visit to Rev Julius Henderson, St Luke’s Rectory, Heywood, near Manchester.

Thursday, 29th January, 1874

Mr and Mrs Wingate called to take farewell as they are going to Walford, near Ross, tomorrow, where he is to be curate.

I attended the Ruri-decanal Chapter at Cuddesdon when a debate took place on the Temperance movement.

Saturday, 31st January, 1874

Commenced my own week at New College.

Paid Rev F A Wilson £1.1. for examining Johns.

Rev Mr Stevens, Vicar of Adderbury, died.

Monday, 16th February, 1874

The date of this entry is guessed, since it begins on the page that has been torn out of the diary.

… for meal. I said “no”, you can not expect to be allowed to upset the “time-table” of the house with impunity.

“May I go out and get some, Sir?”

“Not with my permission,” I replied.

I then spoke a few words about discipline in the army, etc. He took it all wonderfully well, ate his bread and butter and drank his coffee and then cheerfully went on with his work.

This incident very much increased the respect I had always felt for him.

Mr Bear and his son called about the latter coming as pupil.

Wednesday, 18th February, 1874 

Ash Wednesday. Communion and Communication at 8 am. Morning Prayer and Litany at 10. Evening Prayer at 5. No singing all day.

Drove Bell to Sandford this afternoon. Called on Mr Hill who is getting better.

Saturday, 28th February, 1874

George Foster, and old scotch soldier of the Scotch Church, Chapel Street, came to clean boots etc at 6/- per week. Mr Beasley is Minister of the church.

Thursday, 5th March, 1874

Bell and I called on Mr Lendall, lately Government Inspector of Education in Ceylon at Mr Cull’s request. Also called on Mr and Mrs Aldridge and Mr and Miss Pope. Took morning duty at College Chapel for Macray.

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