Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1873, November 16, Sunday 

Holy Communion at New College chapel. The Warden celebrated, I assisted, taking the elements round to the communicants in their seats.

Rev A Spencer called this evening.

1873, November 24, Monday

Mr and Mrs Johns called. Drove Wingate to Horspath and to Great Milton to call on Alison, of Keble, who is curate there.

1873, November 28, Friday

Received a letter from Solomon, the jeweller of Cornmarket, concerning a gold chain which Johns wished to buy of him on credit.

1873, December 10, Wednesday

Johns went down.

Drove to Sandford for Evening Service. Extremely dense fog. Mr Wills accompanied me. Mr Hill preached for me. Mr Lee was not there.

1873, December 11, Thursday

Drove to Sandford. Took back lamps borrowed from Mr Ottacouy last night. Left with Rev Vernon Green the exam papers in English History of Mr Hurst’s Linden House School.

1873, December 15, Monday

Paid Spottiswoode & Co for printing circulars respecting pupils. £16.5.

Took Mr Leonard’s duty at New this evening.

1873, December 19, Friday

Harry returned from Rossall.

Drove to Sandford with hansom cab on business concerning which Rev F A Wilson had appealed to me. He accompanied me as far as Littlemore Church which he entered. I picked him up on my return.

Habuit ille in domo sua famulam cognomine Honey ex Sandfordis quae eum de falso crimine accusaverat. Ego ei persuasit ut declararet sua manu subscribens declarationem paratam, nullum veritatis in accusatione esse, sua matre praesente.

Took duty at New this evening for Leonard.

He had in his house a maidservant, surname Honey, from Sandford, who had falsely accused him of a crime. I persuaded her that she would, in a declaration prepared in her own hand, declare there to be no truth in the accusation, in her mother’s presence.

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