Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1873, October 9, Thursday 

Paid Mr Taylor organist for my one lesson in chanting and my “exam” as to voice. He charged a guinea.

Called on Mr Wilson and Mr Wright this evening. Attended evening service at New College Chapel.

1873, October 15, Wednesday

Lieutenant de Trafford, 14th Regiment, called to see his brother.

The Secretary of the Japanese Legation in London called and asked me whether I would take “Tats Iwakura” son of the Prime Minister of Japan into my house as a pupil. He said the young man had been at Brighton and elsewhere where he had too much liberty. I expressed my willingness to receive him on condition of his cheerful submission to the mild discipline of my house. The Secretary was a very gentlemanly man who spoke English perfectly.

1873, October 17, Friday

Called on Mr Kitchen and Mr Ward. Went to Queen’s College with Mr Hutton. I don’t think it likely that “Tats” will submit to discipline.

1873, October 22, Wednesday

“Union Jubilee Banquet”. Many old members present. Tickets 25/-. I got no dinner worth mentioning. All was very badly managed.

1873, October 25, Saturday

Gave Johns and de Trafford leave to dine out and go to theatre afterwards. I resumed duties at New College this evening; very hoarse, but no sore throat.

1873, October 26, Sunday

Joannes domum aliquanto ebrius revenit undecima hora. Trafforduis revenit dimidia hora ante undecimam.

Johns returned home somewhat drunk at the eleventh hour. de Trafford returned half an hour before the eleventh.

1873, October 27, Monday

Swift McNeill and Charles Gibson came to lunch.

Joannes et Traffordius ad opus non reverterunt ante nonam et dimidiam. Joannes dormiebat quum studere deberet donec undecimam horam posteaque.

Johns and de Trafford did not return to work before half past nine. Johns was sleeping when he was supposed to be studying until after 11 o’clock.

I wrote to them both, telling them they must not be out at night at all, in accordance with my agreement with their parents.

1873, October 28, Tuesday 

I gave Johns leave to go to a concert this evening.

Bell and I called on Mr and Mrs Taylor (organist at New), Threlfall, Banbury Road.

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