Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Thursday, 14th August, 1873

Rev L J Lee married Miss Morland, daughter of the Rector of Shabbington.

W Hutton returned to residence.

Took rail to Littlemore and back to see Mr Sankey about services.

Called on Rev F A Wilson this evening. Paid Mr Wilson a guinea fee for examining and reporting on Mr Hutton.

Friday, 15th August, 1873

Visited Littlemore Asylum in absence of the chaplain. read and prayed with patients. Walked to Horspath and home.

Sunday, 17th August, 1873

Read prayers and preached at Little more Asylum, and took all the duty at Sandford. Dined with Dr Sankey in the evening.

Monday, 18th August, 1873

Mr J W Johns, Arbor Hill, Slough, brought his son Wilfred, and old Eton boy to me to prepare for matriculation.

Tuesday, 19th August, 1873

Drove to Littlemore Asylum, Read and prayed with sick patients. Rosa accompanied me. We took tea with Mr Sankey.

Rev F A and Mrs Wilson came this evening.

Friday, 22nd August, 1873 

Mr and Mrs Wingate came to dinner Drove to Sandford and Littlemore, accompanied by Mr Wingate. Drove Mrs Wingate home in evening.

Sunday, 24th August, 1873

C Gibson went to Sandford with me and read the lessons. I also took the duty at the Asylum, where Gibson and I dined at Dr Sankey’s invitation. Julius Sankey came to Bradmore Road this evening.

Thursday, 28th August, 1873

Drove Rosa to Horspath to see Mr and Mrs Wingate. Mr Philip Pusey, lame as he is, walked to Horspath and back, though I offered to drive him.

Sunday, 31st August, 1873

Took full services at Littlemore and Sandford. Dined with Mr and Mrs Sankey. Rev F A and Mrs Wilson came to the “Limes” to supper.

Tuesday, 2nd September, 1873

Drove Mrs Wilson to Sandford. Called on Julius Sankey in evening and got prescription for an itching place on the chest, a form of ψοριασις.

Not a Greek word, but “psoriasis” spelt in greek letters

Tuesday, 9th September, 1873

Drove to Sandford. very wet: lighted fire and dried clothes in school-house. Sent balance of lessons for Girls’ 6th U.K.S. to Spottiswoode’s.

Tuesday, 23rd September, 1873

Bell unwell. Μισκαρ δυω μγνοιν.

Possibly transliterates as “Miscar duo menoin”, signifying “Miscarriage at two months”.

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