Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Wednesday, 11th June, 1873 

Hired a horse and carriage and drove Rosa, Miss Dunsterville, and Miss E Dunsterville to Osborne and Whippingham. The horse went very well, but was very troublesome and particularly “screwy”. I found out after a time that the poor animal’s neck was galled by the collar and when I got back to Ryde talked severely to the owner for sending a horse out in such a condition. Of course he made a humble apology and said it should not occur again.

Friday, 13th June, 1873 

Cull of Balliol called this evening. He is going out as Head Master’s Assistant to the Government Academy at Colombo.

Tuesday, 24th June, 1873

Called on Mr Taylor, organist of New College, and requested him to try my voice for chanting with view to a chaplaincy at New College.

Wednesday, 2nd July, 1873

Bell, self and G de Trafford dined with Rev F A and Mrs Wilson.

Drove to Sandford.

Trial of voices of candidates for vacant chaplaincy of New College.

Julius Sankey and Mr Pope came in evening.

Diary labels the entry as “Aug” rather than “Jul”.

Tuesday, 8th July, 1873 

Attended Ruridecanal Chapter at Dr Warburton’s, Iffley Rectory. Received a lesson in chanting from Mr Taylor, organist of New College.

Sunday, 13th July, 1873

Went with Mr Brown to Curzon Chapel, Mayfair this morning. Hole is assistant curate there. We went to St Michael’s, Stockwell in the evening.

Sunday, 20th July, 1873

Drove to Wallingford. Took morning and afternoon duty. Harry accompanied me. Dined with Mr Hilliard, Churchwarden.

Monday, 21st July, 1873

Received appointment to chaplaincy at New College through Mr Lee. £100 per annum, duty one week in 3. Withdrew resignation of curacy and wrote to Bishop.

Rosa returned from Ryde accompanied by Miss Henderson.

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