Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1873, April 12, Saturday

“iexwyxk fr ptmva tgw uxeel.” House £6.6.0 Key forgotten.

A coded phrase? Perhaps “Key forgotten” refers to the key to the code. See April 17 below for another coded phrase, and a likely explanation.

1873, April 16, Wednesday

Went to Footscray with Louie and Lottie in Mountain’s carriage and pair.

Received from Longmans on account of G.L.B. £100.

1873, April 17, Thursday 

“Laundress El ptmva, cheque £12.” Key lost.

I think that this and the previous peculiar phrase on April 12 have been encrypted using a simple Caesar shift cipher. If we shift each letter along the alphabet by 7 letters (a to h, b to i, etc), then the April 12 phrase iexwyxk fr ptmva tgw uxeel becomes pledfer my watch and bells.

The word ptmva (watch) is repeated in today’s partially enciphered phrase, with El perhaps being the Latin et (and) with an uncrossed t.

Given yesterday’s entry referring to receipt of a cheque from Longmans, I think a reasonable interpretation of all this is that Stevens had a cash-flow problem: on the 10th, he “pledged my watch and Bell’s” at a pawnbroker in order to pay the rent on his house. After receiving the Longmans payment he was able to write a cheque for £12 to the pawnbroker in order to re-possess the watches and obtain sufficient cash to pay the laundress.

Tim Huckvale

1873, April 28, Monday

Harry at home this morning.

Wrote to Bishop of Oxford (Mackarness) about my ordination to the Priesthood.

1873, June 8, Sunday 

Trinity Sunday. Ordained priest by Bishop Mackarness. Left in evening and went to Reading where I stayed the night at the Great Western Hotel.

1873, June 9, Monday

Went to Ryde. Rosa confirmed by Dr Samuel Wilberforce Bishop of Winchester in Ryde Parish Church. I arrived before close of address. Saw the Rector Rev Alexander Poole, who was Precentor of Bristol Cathedral when I was there. He was formerly curate of St Mark’s, Kemp Town, Brighton. I had a few moments conversation with him in the churchyard. Visited the Misses Moore, Missenden House, where Rosa is. Took a private lodging.

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