Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1872, October 8, Tuesday 

Dined with Mr E. R. Owen “our doctor”. Mr Sankey of Littlemore Asylum was there, also his brother Julius who has just joined Owen as partner, and Mr Briscoe, surgeon.

1872, October 9, Wednesday 

Drove to Sandford. Ordered mahogany table of Bridgewater to cost £12.12.0 solid, pianoforte legs. Called at Queen’s College and told Mr McGrath the tutor that William Hutton was too unwell to present himself for examination tomorrow.

1872, October 11, Friday

W. Hutton went home.

Mrs Lound 125 Marina, St Leonard’s from whom I had received a letter on Wednesday about her son called quite unexpectedly, and promised to send him to me next week. She took tea with us, and I walked down to the Randolph Hotel to introduce her, that she might stay the night there.

1872, October 16, Wednesday

Drove to Sandford. Received note from Mr Lound saying that his wife had had no authority from him to make arrangements with me respecting his son and that he was going elsewhere.

1872, October 21, Monday 

Bella habuit mισκαρριαγ.

Starts in Latin and ends with Greek letters spelling an English word: “Bell had a miscarriage.”

1872, October 24, Thursday

Went to Bristol on W.B. Morgan’s business. Stayed at the Cloisters. Morgan’s creditors accepted 3/4 in the £ to be paid 6 weeks from now. I never had a penny, but surrendered my claim for his benefit. I fancy the lawyer got it all. John Hancock called at Morgan’s this evening. He is head of Colston’s School, Stapleton.

1872, October 27, Sunday

Took all duty at Sandford, Mr Lee being away. Julius Sankey came to see maid servant Ελλυν Γρην who was in ιστηρια.

Greek letters used for English words “Ellen Green who was in hysteria”.

1872, October 28, Monday

Wrote Mr Daniel about History School which I fear I must give up reading for. Called on Galpin about rent. Dover, from whom I took the house has failed and it has come into the hands of a timber dealer Barrett at Cowley Road.

1872, November 4, Monday

Harry at home with headache and deafness of one ear. He says one or two bigger boys are in the habit of striking him on the head very violently.

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