Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1872, July 14, Sunday

My holiday as regards Sandford commenced today. Took duty for Archdeacon Pott at Abingdon to which I drove. Preached at St Michael’s in the morning and at St Nicholas in the afternoon.

Mr Tankerville Chamberlain, late of Magdalene College, called this morning during my absence. He has made the acquaintance of Harry and my pupil, Chamberlain, but as he bears an indifferent character, I have warned both of them to have nothing to do with him.

1872, July 21, Sunday

Drove to West Hanney in morning and East Hanney in afternoon and took full duty for Mr McDougall.

1872, July 28, Sunday

Left “Burden” Hotel for 14 St Thomas Street private lodgings. Did not do any “duty.”

1872, August 11, Sunday

Cab to Horton in morning and Beckley in afternoon; took full service at each for Mr Cooke, of Magdalene College, the Rector.

1872, September 1, Sunday

Sermon for C.M.S. at Sandford. Rev N. Macdonald, a missionary, preached. Collections morning 19/9½, afternoon 2/2½. Mr Lee is away for his holiday.

1872, September 3, Tuesday

Mr Chamberlain came, accompanied by his son. I dined with them at Clarendon Hotel.

Received cheque from Longmans for £6, money advanced to Rev W. E. Coghlan for lessons in U.K.S.

1872, September 8, Sunday

Took duty at Littlemore Asylum this morning in exchange with Mr Hill. Lunched with Mr Sankey, the Superintendent.

1872, September 15, Sunday 

Mr Lee is back. Took all duty at Littlemore Church this morning for Mr Vernon Green, the Vicar.

The toll collector at St Clement’s gate returned me the 2d. he illegally charged me last Wednesday with an apology.

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