Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1872, February 1, Thursday

I gave a Magic Lantern entertainment in the schoolroom at Sandford this evening. Took Bell, Rosa and Harry there in a fly.

1872, February 7, Wednesday

Drove myself to Sandford in a hired pony trap. Rosa entered Miss Hooper’s Ladies’ School. £5.5s per term, for French, music and singing.

1872, February 12, Monday

Cab to Iffley. Dined with Dr Warburton, the Rector, and exhibited magic lantern in the schoolroom afterwards.

1872, February 13, Tuesday

Pony trap to Sandford. Dined with Edward Bairvaird Hewett, of St John’s College.

Stevens may have misheard the name of his dining companion, probably Edward Balvaird Hewett, who gained his BA at St. John’s College, Oxford in 1874.

1872, March 4, Monday

Took Frank Coghlan’s pupils, Leigh and Northcote (son of Sir Stafford) every day this week.

Mr Owen attended Bell.

1872, March 5, Tuesday

Mr Owen attended Bell. I took her for a drive to Woodstock.

Sent cheque to Rev W E Coghlan for £6 in advance for lessons in U. K. Series. (He kept me waiting for these lessons till my patience was exhausted and I had to write very strongly to him.)

1872, March 12, Tuesday

I have advertised for a pony. Mr Ayers replied. I tried the pony to Sandford this afternoon, a grey pony and a basket carriage. “Washing basket” pattern. I am to have it for 2/6 a day.

1872, March 18, Monday 

Mr George A Bessell, Chapter Clerk of Bristol, not having replied to my repeated applications for amount due to me for his brother’s schooling at the Cathedral School, I put the matter into the hands of a solicitor. He treated his applications with contempt. At last he has sued him in the County Court. I went to Bristol in the matter today.

1872, March 19, Tuesday

I went to the County Court, Bristol, this morning and met my solicitor. Before the judge appeared, the solicitor told me that Bessell wished to see me. I went out. Bessell rather complained of a man in his position being served with a County Court Summons. I told him it was entirely his own fault. He had treated myself and my solicitor with contempt. He had nothing to say against the accuracy of the account, but paid what my solicitor asked him, viz

the Bill £15 18 6
My fare, time, etc £2 7 0
  £18 5 6

He ought to have paid my lawyer’s bill too, but I forgot to mention the matter at the time.

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