Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1871, October 12, Thursday 

Called to see Old Cocksedge and Mrs Shelburne at Kemp Town. Did not see the latter; but saw Elizabeth Powell, her niece.

1871, October 25, Wednesday

Went to hear “Father Ignatius” Rev Lyne, a Deacon who addressed a large audience in the “Old Music Room”, Holywell Street on the “Duties of the Clergy,” admission 1/-.

1871, November 3, Friday 

Received £8 from Mr Morgan, Cathedral Grammar School, Bristol, in part payment for furniture etc which I left there, by cheque from Longmans for 8 lessons in the U.K.S. written by Mr Morgan.

Mr Morgan partly paid his debt to Stevens by forwarding a cheque that Morgan had received from Longmans?

1871, November 24, Friday

Bell confined prematurely of a boy 8.30 am. Six months only. I baptized the infant “William”.

Received note from Provost of Worcester conveying permission to enter the college subject to satisfactory reference to Rev G W Kitchin. I therefore wrote to the latter.

1871, November 27, Monday

I went to an entertainment at Sandford this evening given by some members of New College Choir of which Mr Lee is Precentor.

1871, November 28, Tuesday 

Received note from Longmans and Co to the effect that they had paid to my account London & County Bank, Oxford, £333.6.5 to my account, balance of my share of profits of Grade Lesson Books (I drew on them for £50 in October) making £383.6.5 for year ending June 30th last. As mine is only ¼ share of profits (Longmans having ½ and Hole ¼) this represents a total net profit for the year of £1533.5.8.

1871, November 29, Wednesday

Buried little Willie in the Walton Street Cemetery. Grave next to right of a large flat raised stone to memory of Isabella Rebecca Kidd.

Walton Street Cemetery is now known as St Sepulchre’s Cemetery.

1871, November 30, Thursday

Called on Provost of Worcester who said Mr Kitchin had told him that if I were to read for the Law and History School (or Modern History) I should most likely get a “First”.

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