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Sibford Scene 396 October 2017

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Painting of birds over field

Neighbourhood Watch

Nothing for Neighbourhood Watch – no crime in Sibford! So, here is a cheery tale:

A Helping Hand

The initial conversation was as unremarkable as it was timeless.


‘Good morning’

‘Lovely day’

‘How are you?’

At this point things moved on.

‘Actually I’m a bit lost.’

‘You are? Me too.’

The older of the two men, a smartly dressed, fit-looking man, explained that he should have got off the Underground at Holborn, but miscounted and ended up at Chancery Lane.

The younger man, in a very new looking police uniform and carrying a Nicholson’s Guide to London, replied that it was his first day on the beat.

By now both men were laughing.

‘Why don’t you call the station on your radio?’

‘I could do, but I would never live it down.’

I do know we’re not far from Holborn Tube.’

‘Once we’re there I should be able to get my bearings.’

The older man took the policeman’s arm and they walked rapidly west along High Holborn.

Back on familiar territory, the man carrying the white stick and wearing dark glasses was still chuckling to himself as he moved briskly to the escalator and away.

Peter Hine

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