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Sibford Scene 352 May 2013

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The Tyne Hill Landslide

People in snow
The old Elm and the snowdrifts

When looking for the date of the landslide on Tyne Hill shown (behind the  many villagers viewing it) on the cover of last month’s Sibford Scene I came across photos of the heavy snow which immediately preceded the slide. As this year, we have had unusually cold and snowy weather in March. I was interested to see the date of the photos was March 28th 1916: so the landslide was shortly after with the snow melt. It completely blocked the Brailes road and it wasn’t cleared until the men came back from the Great War when it

A group of people standing above a cliff
The head of the landslip

was shovelled into the field below. The buses had to go through Sibford Gower because of the blockage and they have done so ever since.

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