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Sibford Scene 171 November 1993

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Text, letter

Harvest Festival at Sibford

I was fortunate to attend the lovely Harvest Thanksgiving Service on Saturday evening, 2nd October. I am not a regular churchgoer and when I saw it advertised I thought ‘Well, I’d better go!’. Not the right attitude, I know, but am I glad I went.

Hours before, we had heard of the devastation in India. The Rev. Timothy Wimbush gave a sermon fitting for the occasion, which left me deeply grateful for our food, our shelter and our community.

THANK YOU  A Sibford Parishioner

Sibford Brownies

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who brought their cars to our Car Wash on 5 October. Lots of Villagers came to support us as well as most of the parents. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun as well as cleaning a lot of cars. We also made £113.50 for Water Aid – so we were very pleased.

Thank You All very much.

Vivienne Scouse

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