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Sibford Scene 172 December 1993

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Scrambled Carols

Just in time for Christmas here are the opening words of some well known carols for you to unscramble. Answers on page 20.

  1. New threat – milk in bidet!
  2. Light no high tits, Lenny
  3. Ten Greek wish
  4. Wean Mary again
  5. Now then, wee sister maids
  6. Dummy green letters. Goonery!
  7. In a vile, coy, candid story
  8. Sack new Nile gods – go!
  9. They’ll have hid Tony
  10. What, I ask, is nacre?
  11. Dash! Fool mangled witness
  12. Goliath to tunnel on time
  13. Ghost had drunk ale

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