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Sibford Scene 133 February 1990

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February 14th Love and Marriage

February 14th has always been a memorable day for many of our villagers and in 1990 St. Valentine’s Day will be no less special, to be marked with meaningful words and anniversary gifts.

However, for two loved people February 1st will be even more special for it is the day of publication for this most charming and informative, illustrated book which bares the ideal title of Love and Marriage.

Christine Bloxham and Mollie Picken (Mollie Mulley to our loved folk!) are thrilled with the final printing of their labours of this last four or five years.

Copies will be available from local book shops, as well as throughout the U.K., America and Canada, ready for that magic day when st. Valentine bids us dust and polish the affection in which we hold our loved ones.

This year what better token of everlasting love than just such a lovely book to read – enjoy – keep and constantly to dip within.

Courtship and marriage permeate many facets of life, from children’s rhymes and games to the exchange of love tokens and rings, and the customs and rituals of love and marriage.

The fascinating folklore connected with love and marriage, including the charms and dirivations of courting and the customs and superstitions surrounding marriage are explored showing how our current customs have developed.

The history of marriage is traced through the centuries, looking at British, American, European and Jewish traditions.

There are sections on such diverse aspects as children’s games and rhymes, the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, aphrodisiacs, bridesmaids and the Best Nan, wedding outfits and costumes, wedding cakes (including a popular eighteenth century recipe), bedding the bride and wife selling, with each section featuring quotations from poems and traditional rhymes.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with Mollie’s individual colour and black and white drawings, which closely follow and amplify the story outlined in the text with symbolism and hidden messages in the pictorial borders.

Colour photographs of Victorian Valentine cards, love tokens, new and old, bridal head dresses and anniversary gifts are also featured.

Above, you may see one or two items of historical interest from this edition. To see the whole edition, click on the front-page image to download it as a pdf.