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Sibford Scene 131 November 1989

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Meals for senior citizens

It has been arranged that anyone over the age of 60 years will be able to have meals at the village school on a regular basis.

At present this will be once a week, the first one being on Tuesday 7th November at 12.20. This will be on a first come first served basis, as we can only cater for 10 at any one time.

Therefore I will need to know a week in advance. If you intend coming, the cost of this will be £1. 30 approx.

Please phone Ann Spicer.

What is Civil Protection?

Civil protection is concerned with planning for the care of those caught up in a major disaster, natural or man-mado. Such a disaster could be caused by an earthquake, extremes of weather, a transport or industrial accident, chemical pollution or the effects of war.

While the 999 emergency services cope with the immediate effects of most disasters, some require more resources than are normally available. Some emergencies present problems which need co-ordination on a larger scale.

To provide this essential back-up, the emcrgency services and many other professional and voluntary organisations work together to prepare plans which can be brought into effect if and when needed. This overall function is known as civil protection.

If you can help or are interested in knowing more, phone Ann Spicer – 690.

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