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Sibford Scene 123 February 1989

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Back from the brink

The Human Race has the inbuilt ability to draw back from ultimate disaster and obliteration! The Black Death! Nuclear Warfare! Deforestation! Pollution! Chemical poisoning of food! Over-population! All saved (or so we hope) in the nick of time.

And so it has been here, in the backwater of Sibford.

Despite an urgent plea in the December issue for a typist, the editor has spent eight weeks sitting by the phone willing it to ring with offers of help. Just as he was about to pen an obituary to “Jennie’ s Creation” not one but ”Three pretty maids” willing to have a go have volunteered and they intend to contact others to help and cover during holidays and illness.

So once again The Scene lives on (some would groan and say pity!)

In the time being our willing band wish to remain anonymous, but the editor is working on it, firmly believing that the gratitude of the majority of villagers would far outweigh the odd few brickbats that miss the editors rubber front door and over shoot to land in our typists garden. Thank you girls and Good Luck!

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