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Sibford Scene 122 December 1988

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Free bus service for Sibford Gower and Burdrop

The Trustees of the Sibford Gower Town Estates Charity are pleased to announce that the Charity is providing a weekly free bus service for residents of Sibford Gower (including Burdrop). They regret that due to a restriction in the Trust Deed this service cannot be extended to residents of Sibford Ferris.

Tanners will run a bus to Banbury on alternate Fridays (commencing 9th December) and to Chipping Norton on alternate Wednesdays (commencing 14th December). Details of the dates, times and pick-up points are detailed on another page of this Scene and the Editor has kindly agreed to publish a schedule each month.

The Trustees hope that Sibford Gower residents will find this service helpful and would welcome any comments. The current Trustees of the Charity are:

Mr. D.R. Sabin (Chairman), Mr. F.J. Inns (Deputy Chairman), Mr. P.H. Baadsgaard (Secretary), Mrs. V. Jones (Treasurer), Mr. W.J. Wealsby, Mr. J .K. Gilchrist, Mr. A.N. Rye, Mr. W.J. Sabin.

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