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Sibford Scene 114 March 1988

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The tribulations of the waste paper collectors (Part 10B)

We have been extremely grateful to Mrs. Webb who has allowed us to use her garage to collect paper for the past two years. Unfortunately this garage is no longer available to us so PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY MORE PAPER OUTSIDE IT.

However, we are now in the debt of Mr. Barry Davies who has kindly allowed us to use his garage (opposite Whitt’s End) so our money raising efforts can continue. Many thanks to all who help by lending garages, saving paper, putting out paper on first Saturday morning in each month, and by bundling up with string, and not leaving cardboard ….


Congratulations to the Director of Music for Sibford School – Bryan Lee – for leading the pupils to success in the national competition of the Barclays Youth Music Theatre Awards. The rock opera Mr. J – which is the brainchild of Bryan himself – will make its debut on the London stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Monday 14th March. Head of Drama – Chris Bateman – and Bryan will take the cast of 40 pupils to London on Sunday 13th March for rehearsals. We wish them “all the luck in the world”.

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