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Sibford Scene 113 February 1988

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1st The Sibfords Scout Group

Those of you who also read other local newspapers will know already that 1st The Sibfords hit the headlines recently when four of our boys won the County Cooking Competition judged by the Randolph Hotel chef. Needless to say we are very pleased with the boys’ effort (they only lost 8 marks) but we are delighted that they have put 1st The Sibfords on the County ‘map’.


WASTE PAPER – We will continue to collect this on the first Saturday of each month (except when Scouting events require the boys to be elsewhere, and then we will inform you.)

Unfortunately, we do find that cardboard is difficult for us to handle – you see it is more bulk them weight and we have only limited storage and, moreover, get paid by weight. So, we do not really want flattened cardboard boxes but as we like the paper to be bundled up we don’t mind if this is done in a cardboard box.

We have also had complaints about waste paper being left outside the garage, particularly when it has blown around. We are sorry about this but we can only deal with paper at the weekends.

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