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Sibford Scene 107 June 1987

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Sibford Carnival - June 27th & 28th

Starts at 10 a.m. with the Car Boot Sale until 12 noon. Ice Cream and Fish & Chip Van in attendance. Mini Bus will run from the Ferris to the Gower and back when required.

Ploughmans Lunch in Village Hall until 1. 30 p.m.

Floats will go round Sibford Gower and Ferris starting at 1.30 p.m. arriving back at the Hall by 2.15 p.m.

2.30 p.m. The Open Market will begin. This consists of 10 stalls for Clubs and Charities and 10 stalls for the Village Hall at the latest count. Also numerous side shows and displays. Teas by W.I. in the Village Hall at 3 p.m. GRAND DRAW will be drawn at 5 p.m.

Proposed Conservation Area for Sibford Gower

As the Chairman of the Parish Council announced recently in his report to the Annual Parish Meeting, the Council has decided that it would be desirable to apply for the establishment of a Conservation Area for Sibford Gower.

Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 a Conservation Area must be “an area of architectural or historic interest the appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”. The Chief Planning Officer of Cherwell District Council has prepared a plan of an area which he could support as a conservation area which includes the old core of the village and the valley between Gower and Ferris.

The Parish Council has not yet discussed the Planning Officer’s suggestions, but meanwhile would welcome views and comments from residents of Sibford Gower and Burdrop. A copy of the map is on the Parish Notice Board and Council members have copies, as has the Clerk, Colonel Frith. They will be happy to show them to anyone interested (by appointment).

When the Council has considered the proposal they will call an open meeting in order to establish whether it has support from a majority of the residents before making a formal application to the District Council.


The Sibford Scene is always grateful to the Editors of Tadmarton Link and the Epwell Echo for free copies of their publication. A deal of their information is similar to ours.

The last edition of the Epwell Echo was particularly interesting. Somehow it managed to combine reports and information with a certain amount of homely news about local people.

When re-reading the Scene on dark dismal nights the Editor is always struck by the fact that it seems to be about Societies and Teams, groups of people rather than individuals. In a tiny community like The Sibfords people matter. It is the inhabitants that are warm and interesting. It would be marvellous if only we could add to our pages news about People. At the moment our Sibford Scene is informative but cold. Come along everyone – lets warm it up with real news about “US”.

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