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Sibford Scene 092 December 1985

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The Town Estate Charity

The Charity has available an allotment plot of about three acres next to the B4053 road at Sibford Heath. This could be the basis for a new domestic allotment association for Sibford Gower and Burdrop if there are enough residents seriously interested, and prepared actively to participate in the organisation and running of such a project.

If there is not enough interest in such an association the Trustees will rent out the whole plot on a yearly basis.

Expressions of interest in an allotment association as well as an application for the alternative renting of the whole plot should be sent, before 31st December, to: Peter H. Baadsgaard, Secretary to the Trustees, Quince Cottage, Bonns End Lane, Sibford Gower.

Announcement - Sponsored parachute descent

I feel a word of explanation is due reference the delay in taking part in this projected activity for the Katherine House Hospice Trust. The original intention was to do the drop next Spring to give time to organise sponsorship etc. However, one was suddenly offered an opportunity to do the jump with the Airforce into water earlier this month. This jump was cancelled at short notice because of the weather. The water jump was considered to be safer for those who do not bounce so easily especially if they are above average weight. It would seem unlikely that any other jump can be arranged before Christmas and if it is postponed that far ahead one might as well wait until the Spring and jump with the R.A.F. The sponsorship has already been very generous and over £600 has already gone to Hospice Trust. For this much thanks and appreciation. Hopefully you will all understand if the jump is postponed until next year.



 ‘Christmas comes but once a year’, the old saying goes, and most of us are very glad that it’s like that. What a shame, therefore, if this year it should make its one appearance with much of the village forgetting its real importance. At Christmas, we feel a real sense of’ community joy, which is most obviously expressed by the coming together of many people to sing carols and bring to their minds the stable at Bethlehem. May we all have a wonderfully enjoyable time – but I do hope that you will spare at least a small part of your busy schedule to reflect on the real religious significance of the festival.


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