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Sibford Scene 049 September 1981

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Looking back

It‘s been quite a summer. First the RAISE THE ROOF SALE, which got the Fund off to a fine start with a profit of over £320. That day also marked the start of the fine weather that has blessed the other village events this summer. May it last for the Fete.

Then there was ‘THIS IS YOUR LIFE — MARY POULTON’, when Dr Aemonn Andrews Agnew confronted an amazed Mrs Poulton with her past, including three generations of two families that she has taught in her long career. Everyone wanted to thank Mrs Poulton for her many years of kindly service to the children of the village and to wish her a long and happy retirement. We hear that she has since climbed Ben Nevis (again), so clearly intends to be active!

THE ROYAL WEDDING CELEBRATIONS were much enjoyed by all — and it was a very wide cross-section of the village that took part in the cheerfully informal picnic, sports, barbecue, folk-dancing and disco. It was all an excellent antidote to the hours in front of the telly.

THE RAINS came and went and the power supply, as usual, failed.

Letter to the village

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking most sincerely all those who planned such a wonderful evening to mark my retirement, and also my many friends who came to wish me well.

I have so many memories of Sibford Primary School, of the wonderful colleagues that it was my good fortune to work with, the supportive parents, and lastly, but by no means least, of their children with whom I have shared so many happy years.

I hope that you will extend to Mrs Greenhalgh, my successor, the same warmth and co-operation that you have always given me.

May God bless you all.

Mary Poulton

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