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Sibford Scene 028 September 1979

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Mrs Jean Poulton - nurse extraordinary

Over 150 people gathered in the Village Hall on August 1st to mark the retirement of our District Nurse and Midwife, Mrs Jean Poulton.

Miss Axtell spoke for the Area Health Authority of the way that Mrs Poulton had always put service above simple duty. Dame Anne Stephens spoke for us all of Mrs Poulton’s professional skills and personal qualities, of the way that we have trusted her to know the answer, whatever our trouble. ‘She’s seen us all totally undressed’, and yet her presence has brought comfort and relief, ‘Nurse Poulton’s come. It will be all right’.

Doctor Agnew toasted her as a nurse by vocation, regardless of reward, and one with whom he had found it a privilege to work, ‘side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and, occasionally, cheek to cheek’!

Mrs Poulton told us that after her training at St. Mary’s, Paddington and working in Slough, she applied for the post here quite out of the blue, but on arriving (on St. Valentine’s Day 1952) felt she had come home. Since then, of course, she has married and joined what Dame Anne called ‘that gang of Poultons’ who serve Sibford in so many ways, and brought up her own children. Now, in retirement, she intends to throw herself into gardening and decorating.

Among the many gifts that were presented were some Waterford glasses from the A.H.A., a bowl and cheque from the Ferris, a carriage clock and cheque from everyone else, a mixer from her colleagues and a bouquet presented by Helen Soden.

It was a delightful, though sad, evening, beautifully organised by Dame Anne and the committee, enabling the whole community to show their gratitude and affection to Mrs Poulton and to wish her, and her husband, many happy years of retirement.

Sibford Folk Dance Club

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sibfords, the Sibford Folk Dance Club meets in the Village Hall every Tuesday evening from 8.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m. and we would like more of you to come along and enjoy yourselves with us. Anyone over the age of 13 years will be made very welcome.

Don’t stay away because you know nothing about it, or you are-too young or too old. If you can put one foot in front of the other, we can teach you folk dancing. Come along and try it, I promise that you will be agreeably surprised.

In September we are hoping to form a Junior section of our club. We would like lots of children and young people from 9 to 15 years inclusive to come along. We shall hold 4 meetings on September 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please be punctual as you must leave at 8 p.m. The charge will be 10p per child per session. By September 25th we must have at least 12 wishing to continue to make the venture worthwhile. If we achieve this number we shall continue to hold the meetings every Tuesday evening.

David Cuthbert


The Church’s teaching on marriage and its attitude to divorced people has long been a bone of contention to many. As you may know, the Synods of the Church (the Parliaments, if you like) have been, or will be, chewing this bone. Your Parochial Church Council invites you to its meeting on Thursday 27th in Church at 8 p.m. when we shall have a chance to hear what is suggested and to make our own position clear. It promises to be a most challenging meeting. You will be most welcome.

Timothy Wimbush

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